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I'm Gurcan TUNCA, My interest in computer systems was further enhanced by my lessons in C and C ++ programming language while I was studying in the mathematics department. I had to leave the department for some special reasons. Then I finished the agricultural faculty of Ankara University. I have had the opportunity to study software in Ankara I have successfully completed Microsoft certified software development training at Bilgeadam academy. I realized there were security weaknesses in software and computer systems, and after seeing that these weaknesses threatened the security of people and organizations to a great extent, I led my work to the area of cyber security, where I got CEH training. In February 2017 I began my undergraduate education as a special student in the department of forensic science at the University of Ankara. I was successful in the pre- exam in September 2017 and I was accepted to graduate degree in forensic science. I am currently in the thesis phase. I aim to continue my studies in the field of cyber security. My single target is to create safer systems in this area and provide safer systems. I can improve my technical knowledge and skills. It is my goal to add value to your company by following current technologies. I would like to respect you for the position I have applied for.

C/C++ Programming Languages 70%
Python 50%
Java Programming Language 30%
Nesus 75%
Linux OS 90%
Windows OS 90%
MacOS 90%



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Technology & Software & Security designed and programmed for solving to problems of people. designed base of WordPress.

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Project Leader: Gürcan TUNCA

Designer: Okan Kaan ÇETİNKAYA

Developer: Gürcan TUNCA/Okan Kaan ÇETİNKAYA



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